Midnight – Rebirth By Blasphemy

In the last few years Midnight became a name to remember in the underground metal scene but after many successful tours the band has been steadily gaining even more attention so it’s the perfect time to release the new album “Rebirth By Blasphemy” which shows that mastermind Athenar chooses to do whatever he wants embracing a true rebirth. 

The album opens with “Fucking Speed And Darkness” and this title definitely foreshadows what you can expect to hear as Midnight fiercely unleash furious and extremely entertaining rhythmic patterns constantly fueled by the raw diabolical energy of the guitar riffs and the venomous screams. 

The title track is a blasphemous super catchy tune where the frantic vocals feel like a call to arms and the guitar riffs and killer leads keep on marching confidently with vibrant classic metal tonalities and dirty punk vibes. 

“Escape The Grave” has a rebellious attitude embedded in the ravenous rock power of the guitar work and the consequent irresistible groovy rhythmic galore that keeps the old school metal spirit alive. 

There’s a devilish flair running through “Rising Scum” as the sinister guitar tonalities lead to obscure riffage and somber melodic elements following a slower yet still spontaneously vicious rhythm. 

“Warning From The Reaper” relies on faster dynamics that amplify the primal energy of the vibrant guitar licks generating a consistent series of savage grooves while the vocals continue to channel pure rage. 

With a calmer intro “You Can Drag Me Through Fire” might sound a bit more polished allowing the melodic guitar work to really shine yet there is plenty of wrath and disgust to fuel the addictive guitar driven grooves and the hostile vocal delivery. 

While the music of Midnight is destined to thrive within a darkened realm their future looks brighter than ever and “Rebirth By Blasphemy” is filled with powerful ruthless hooks that are destined to get stuck in your head. 

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