T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil

For over twenty years T.O.M.B. have been spreading darkness with an enigmatic approach and continue to follow a blasphemous music pathway today with the sixth full length “Thin The Veil” which also features collaborations with Hellhammer of Mayhem, Maurice “Mories” de Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues, Andy Winter of Winds, Craig Smilowski formerly of Immolation, and Duncan McLaren of Venom Wolf.

“No Return” has an esoteric essence naturally embedded in the murky atmospheric layers and the asphyxiating blackened rhythmic assault is constantly fueled by manic speed and ominous guitar tonalities. 

The blurry mournful sounds of “Pestilence” seem to emerge from a forgotten dark abyss as guitars offer insidious riffs & leads blending black metal and noise elements through a desolate atmospheric maze. 

The title track relies on faster hostile rhythmic patterns channeling primal black metal roots and the occult vibes increase dramatically when the slower tempo highlights the presence of mysterious atmospheric waves. 

“Decapitation Of The Gods” combines the apocalyptic vibes of industrial with the relentless brutality of black metal as guitars unleash aggressive riffage and gelid tonalities within a chaotic sonic realm. 

“Lunar Reckoning” could not sound darker and the necromantic growls certainly match such mood within the mystifying rhythmic ensemble enhanced by the solemn drumming and the monochromatic guitar tones. 

On “Hellmouth” the vocals sound like an arcane incantation that also reminds you that you’re stuck in a hellish world surrounded by murky atmospheric layers and oppressive rhythmic blasts characterized by dissonant noise elements. 

On “Thin The Veil” T.O.M.B. keep everything as obscure as possible mixing harsh black metal elements and cryptic atmospheres that certainly belong to the darkest corners of the underground metal scene. 

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