Archon Angel – Fallen

Archon Angel is a new exciting project featuring former Savatage and Circle II Circle vocalist Zak Stevens and producer/guitar player Aldo Lonobile of Secret Sphere, the result of this collaboration is embodied by the powerful debut album “Fallen”.

The title track marks a truly memorable beginning with the perfect dosage of passionate piano melodies and atmospheric arrangements surrounding catchy rhythmic dynamics that are constantly enriched by Zak’s charismatic voice channeling the authentic spirit of classic metal. 

The strength of “The Serpent” comes from the darkened vibes of the heavy groovy rhythmic core that relies on sharp riffage and glamorous soloing embellished by multilayered understated orchestrations and such captivating ensemble naturally suits the fierce vocal delivery. 

The bittersweet piano melodies of “Under The Spell” immediately evoke a sheer melancholia yet the groovy guitar riffs confidently maintain an engaging bold rhythmic momentum and the vibrant counterpoint vocal parts are simply irresistible. 

The atmospheric layers on “Twilight” become dramatically darker and the opulent symphonic orchestrations gain a rather dominant role within the song’s structure while the impeccable rhythmic section continues to focus on a solid series of heavier guitar driven grooves.  

The old school heavy metal approach is particularly vivid on “Faces Of Innocence” which relies on a winning blend of heartfelt melodic textures and glowing keyboards layers intensified by the flamboyant guitar soloing and the exquisite vocal harmonies. 

The epic final track “Return Of The Storm” will easily become a favorite beginning with enticing melancholia infused piano melodies that put the spotlight on the stunning counterpoint vocal choirs and the consequent darkly melodic grandeur will remain essential as the lavish symphonic orchestrations continue to shine through the faster energetic rhythmic patterns. 

Archon Angel demonstrate to have already a clear sonic pathway in mind and on “Fallen” Zak’s unforgettable signature vocal style paired with a pure classic metal essence and progpower elements at times might remind you of the glorious days of Savatage so the fans worldwide will enjoy listening to this album and probably will feel a bit nostalgic. 


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