Nero Di Marte – Immoto

Italian experimental metal outfit Nero Di Marte is devoted to the creation of distinctive hard to categorize soundscapes that seem to constantly evolve following a wild creative freedom throughout the new album “Immoto”. 

The cerebral complexity of “Sisyphos” proves that this is not music for the masses. The emotional vocal delivery and the otherworldly guitar melodies can take you far away creating an intense introspective momentum that leads to a particularly dreamy finale but there are also massive chaotic rhythmic segments fueled by borderline dissonant guitar riffs and faster drumming. 

The title track is another lengthy opus that fully showcases a multifaceted composition beginning with soft vocals and guitar harmonies that will gradually express vivid emotions through post metal oriented instrumental progressions that shift from mellow melodies to harsh rhythmic blasts. 

On “La Casa Del Diavolo” in the midst of a dense almost impenetrable atmosphere guitars craft enticing melodic textures and acquire darker tonalities with a strong post metal inspiration and once again the band effortlessly shifts from tranquil moments to significantly heavier prog influenced rhythmic crescendos. 

With a moody atmospheric approach and delicate guitar harmonies “Irradia” flows like a beautiful daydream yet even if the inner melancholia remains a key element the rhythmic section will eventually embrace a sharp heavier momentum accompanied by theatrical vocals.  

With an evident avantgarde approach on “Immoto” Nero Di Marte fearlessly aim to craft unique and even unusual instrumental progressions that also express a whirlwind of meaningful emotions. 

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