My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion

The long awaited return of legendary doom titans My Dying Bride is embodied by the soulful gloomy realm of the fourteenth album “The Ghost Of Orion” which proves that despite the many challenges the band’s unstoppable creative force is destined to prevail. 

“Your Broken Shore” immediately channels the immense misery that only My Dying Bride can truly express. The doom laden guitar riffs hold a unique raw energy perfectly matched by the vicious growls while an overwhelming melancholia emerges through the refined melodic phrases accompanied by the somber clean delivery. 

“To Outlive The Gods” maintains a heavy doom rhythm but definitely focuses more on enchanting and even quite accessible melodic textures emphasized by the graceful beauty of violins and the sorrowful guitar tonalities. 

“The Solace” has a minimalist structure stripped of the expected heavy rhythmic section in order to focus exclusively on the poignant guitar work and to enhance the captivating nature of the eloquent vocals performed by Lindy-Fay Hella of Wardruna.  

On “The Long Black Land” the classic dreadful doom nuances are prominent within the heavier venomous rhythmic patterns characterized by grave tonalities and mighty guitar riffs while the ethereal violin melodies add bittersweet romantic vibes and the painfully slower contemplative momentum is pure heart wrenching poetry. 

In the beginning “The Old Earth” conveys a peaceful nostalgia through the desolate guitar melodies and the dramatic depth of the clean vocals. Later the whole instrumentation will shift the focus to visceral doom laden dynamics and guitars will acquire major obscure tonalities shaping a lugubrious & hopeless sonic realm further amplified by the wretched growls. 

Listening to “The Ghost Of Orion” feels like a cathartic experience as you can perceive the harrowing emotional turmoil behind each song and My Dying Bride once again rightfully deserve to sit on the doom/death metal throne to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their magnificent career. 


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