Serpent Noir – Death Clan OD

Greek black metal band Serpent Noir proudly unleashes an occult infused offering on the third full length “Death Clan OD” which as you might expect dwells within an extremely darkened sonic realm. 

You can perceive the mystifying aura of the whole album as soon as “Cutting The Umbilical Cord Of Hel” begins with loads of murky guitar tonalities and fiery rhythmic segments creating a borderline asphyxiating mood obviously matched by the malevolent growls and the grim melodic leads. 

“Hexcraft” follows a slower lugubrious pace to favor the strong arcane vibes as vocals sound more like anguished incantations and guitars gain the deserved spotlight with grave yet absolutely groovy riffage and dismal melodic textures. 

“Asmodeus: The Sword Of Golachab” relies on an unrestrained blackened rhythmic rampage featuring feverish guitar riffs while vocals successfully emphasize the esoteric aspects yet the melodic phrases also demand your attention delivering gelid tasteful tonalities. 

“GOEH RA REAH: Garm Unchained” is destined to stand out for the solemn ominous narratives courtesy of occult author Thomas Karlsson consequently the ritualistic vibes become particularly dominant influencing the eerie melodic guitars that enrich the monumental blackened grooves. 

“Death Clan OD” is definitely an intriguing cohesive effort that naturally blends classic black metal roots and captivating atmospheric nuances which allow Serpent Noir to fully express their obscure vision. 

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