Sylosis – Cycle Of Suffering

Back in 2016 Sylosis embarked on an indefinite hiatus so the brand new full length “Cycle Of Suffering” feels particularly important for the band as it celebrates a triumphant comeback and marks the beginning of an exciting chapter. 

Undoubtedly “Empty Prophets” is a spiteful album opener that deliberately channels a primal anger through abrasive guitar riffs and precise drumming yet there’s always an evident introspective depth fully expressed by the understated atmospheric arrangements and the darkened guitar melodies. 

In the beginning the pale atmosphere of “I Sever” evokes a sheer melancholia that will ultimately take the spotlight during the final part with passionate guitar melodies while the belligerent approach of the main rhythmic core focuses on frenetic guitar progressions. 

The title track offers a cohesive series of infectious thrash grooves full of sharp guitar riffs & leads and the rage is still palpable within the fierce rhythmic patterns and the hostile screams while the melodic guitars deliver some compelling smooth phrases. 

Even if “Invidia” has a quite somber mood recurring through the subtle atmospheric layers and the glowing guitar leads the rhythmic segments can sound fast and vicious keeping an explosive thrash momentum.  

“Idle Hands” offers grandiose grim melodies fueled by the extremely melancholic guitar tonalities and the excellent musicianship while the intense rhythmic blasts can naturally lead to terrific grooves without the need for breakneck speed. 

“Apex Of Disdain” once again is ready to hit you in the face with a skillful heavy rhythmic section and the consequent fury is evidently matched by the fiery screams while lead guitars add memorable opulent melodies with an impressive technical prog approach. 

“Abandon” embodies a dramatic grand finale as the whole instrumentation focuses on slower contemplative moments enhanced by a bittersweet clean vocal delivery and graceful atmospheric arrangements while the guitar work acquires luminous nuances crafting impeccable melodies.

You will find plenty of majestic & ferocious guitar driven grooves throughout “Cycle Of Suffering” but Sylosis also manage to balance such chaotic sonic realm with a fair dosage of detailed refined melodic tapestries.  

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