Telepathy – Burn Embrace

Instrumental post-metal quartet Telepathy showcases a major creative force on the third album “Burn Embrace” which aims to captivate the listeners with brooding multifaceted soundscapes.

The gloomy atmosphere of “Eternal Silence” gradually introduces a poignant rhythmic crescendo with variegated soothing guitar melodies that will embrace some harsh tonalities following faster aggressive drum blasts before returning to a harmonious contemplative ensemble. 

The post-metal formula behind “Black Earth” leads to cathartic guitar melodies flourishing through the dense atmosphere in contrast with a heavier rhythmic core that often builds tension with the addition of bold riffage while the finale emphasizes the song’s dreamy nature. 

“The Void In Aimless Flight” offers a good representation of the band’s kaleidoscopic sonic pathway as guitars spontaneously shift from sorrowful  melodic textures to intricate progressions that tend to amplify wistful feelings but also can generate groovy dynamics with a fair dosage of darker and heavier rhythmic patterns. 

The title track feels like the end of a daydream as the cinematic approach leads to minimalist crestfallen guitar melodies and lavish atmospheric tapestries that emphasize an introspective depth. 

With the release of “Burn Embrace” Telepathy confidently showcase evocative songwriting skills and a darkened melodic essence that will certainly garner more attention within the current underground metal scene. 

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