Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross

Australian trio Witchskull is ready to raise the bar and conquer the soul of doom metal fans with the third release “A Driftwood Cross” which evidently relies on mighty riffs and monolithic grooves. 

The doom worshipping is clear as soon as “Black Cathedrals” kicks off with unstoppable energetic riffage and cohesive groovy rhythmic patterns while the lead guitar work can confidently unleash memorable fancy soloing and slow burning fuzzy progressions that acquire arcane tonalities in the finale. 

“Baphomet’s Child” is a wildly entertaining track that offers a major dosage of charismatic guitar driven grooves blending bold stoner dynamics and fiery occult rock vibes which influence the mournful melodic progressions. 

“The Red Altar” fully showcases an untamed doom spirit through the monumental guitar riffs and the intense vocal delivery while as the rhythm slows down highlighting the chunky bass lines the overall mood becomes increasingly darker embracing a major eerie atmosphere. 

“Nero Order” has some slower gloomy moments skillfully created by hypnotic melodic progressions yet the excellent rhythmic section is always able to provide inflamed galloping grooves amplifying the fuzzy stoner elements. 

The title track incarnates an authentic doom essence as the darkened guitar melodies emphasize the ominous feelings while the colossal riffage builds a powerful rhythmic tension generating an alluring mix of calmer brooding moments and absolutely explosive grooves. 

The irresistible classic doom flair of “A Driftwood Cross” will please all the acolytes of this timeless influential genre and Witchskull once again composed and performed the whole album with undiluted passion. 

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