Mountaineer – Bloodletting

Bay Area post-metal doom band Mountaineer have developed an intriguing sonic vision that audaciously channels diverse influences throughout the third full length “Bloodletting”. 

In the beginning, the choral vocals of “Blood Of The Book” create a suspenseful mood introducing mellow shimmering shoegaze nuances that hold an essential role in the composition yet guitars will soon embrace a massive doom inspiration delivering some heavy lugubrious riffage. 

The minimalist melodies of “Shot Through With Sunlight” flow through the hazy atmosphere like a fading daydream and guitars gradually acquire darker doom tonalities amplified by the fierce growls ultimately generating elaborate heavier rhythmic patterns.  

You can easily appreciate the introspective depth of the gorgeous harmonies flourishing throughout the title track which in fact aims to create a moody melodic grandeur emphasizing the darkened melancholia of the soothing guitar progressions and the soulful clean vocals.  “South To Infinity” deliberately follows a significantly heavier doom/sludge formula focusing on mighty guitar riffs and hostile vocals to build imposing groovy dynamics yet there are also pleasant contemplative moments and stylish nostalgic melodies. 

 “Ghost Story” immediately feels like an immersive experience as the guitar work carefully crafts comforting melancholic melodies that will naturally evolve into a majestic rhythmic crescendo expressing ardent feelings. 

Mountaineer are fully embracing the emotive nature of post-metal without sacrificing the crushing force of doom metal and the consequent cathartic musical evolution today naturally leads to the darkly epic soundscapes of “Bloodletting”. 

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