Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn

Uk black metal masters Winterfylleth this time return to their majestic heavy roots skillfully blending pure blackened fury and poignant emotions on the new full length “The Reckoning Dawn”.  

The harsh nature of “Misdeeds Of Faith” becomes immediately palpable as the cold guitar riffs guide you through a desolate soundscape and while the rhythmic section confidently unleashes an overdose of ravenous blasts the solemn chanting amplifies the epic vibes. 

Within a stark sonic realm “A Hostile Fate (The Wayfarer Pt. 4)” continues to follow a fiery blackened pathway with monumental rhythmic patterns yet at times the slightly slower tempo highlights the striking melodic guitar phrases to convey a poetic melancholia. 

“Absolved In Fire” spellbinds the listeners with the magical folk nuances of acoustic passages and violins but gradually the instrumental ensemble will return to major aggressive blackened grooves full of gelid galloping guitar riffs and malevolent growls. 

The title track goes straight to a hostile rhythmic rampage with the perfect dosage of obscure tonalities and punishing drums that inevitably create a dreary sonic realm yet guitars will eventually focus on a passionate melodic grandeur with slower elegant phrases. 

“In Darkness Begotten” features a menacing blackened formula channeling an imposing darkness through relentless guitar riffs and wintry atmospheric waves that leave you breathless while the cathartic finale fully embraces an enchanting melodic flair with the fragile beauty of violins.  

Besides the ominous blackened onslaught “The Reckoning Dawn” holds an understated atmospheric folk essence as Winterfylleth are always ready to embrace diverse tonalities and express contrasting emotions. 

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