Lesser Glow – Nullity

Boston quintet Lesser Glow have been developing a unique style following a truly immersive approach that today generates the multifaceted nuances of the sophomore release “Nullity”.

“The Great Imitator” instantly unleashes a mysterious blend of traditional doom dynamics and gloomy atmospheric waves so guitars can sound absolutely heavy delivering monolithic riffs amplified by tormented screams but the contemplative momentum certainly feels surreal with dramatic tonalities. 

Throughout “Red Ayrag” a gorgeous darkened essence flows naturally due to the cold melodies and the poignant vocal delivery making everything sound like a fading dream even if guitars can always channel ominous vibes with doomed colossal riffage. 

As soon as “Fostering This Nullity” begins you understand that there’s no escape as the insane weight of the guitar riffs creates an asphyxiating sonic realm but the soft vocals, the dreamy atmospheric arrangements and the hazy guitar harmonies can easily evoke an enticing melancholy. 

The post rock essence of “I Am The Island” becomes palpable as the grave melodic guitar phrases flow gently like blurry memories and the resulting somber emotions are further enhanced by the soulful vocal delivery. 

The monumental instrumental ensemble of “Toba” embraces a particularly heavy brooding mood as the imposing grooves and the ferocious growls seem to emerge from the darkest depths of doom metal with untamed force but you can still perceive a pale tranquility within the brief melodic passages. 

Certainly Lesser Glow are following a remarkable creative pathway as on “Nullity” they take the time to focus on hypnotic soundscapes and an intense songwriting approach. 

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