Ulthar – Providence

Bay area blackened death metallers Ulthar have created a vicious sonic onslaught on the sophomore release “Providence” that will drag you into an obscure world where all hope is inevitably lost. 

The dystopian mood of “Undying Spear” thrives within the technical instrumental progressions revealing an eclectic approach that will ultimately evolve into crushing blackened dynamics with an overdose of abrasive guitar riffs and malignant growls.  

The title track immediately unleashes a brutal rhythmic ensemble channeling some old school death metal elements fueled by unrestrained riffs and pummeling drums yet such hostile sonic realm becomes more interesting with the addition of dissonant patterns and twisted guitar phrases. 

“Cudgel” holds an enigmatic soul within the vitriolic rhythmic assault that seems to emerge from the hellish depths of black metal with the fury of the monumental riffs and the diabolical growls while the lead guitar work often amplifies darkened tonalities and sharp technical accents. 

“Narcissus Drowning” can sound absolutely devastating due to the fast menacing rhythmic rampage featuring venomous blackened riffage but in this chaotic realm guitars are always able to provide diversity with elaborate gloomy progressions. 

Once again on “Humanoid Knot” the savage rhythmic blasts lead to insane malevolent grooves that seem simply unstoppable while the technical guitar work is destined to grab your attention with multifaceted or even unexpected dynamics. 

Ulthar fully embrace the nightmarish vision symbolized by “Providence” which certainly follows an ominous extreme metal inspiration but also provides an intriguing variety in terms of sound and technical musicianship.

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