The Moon And The Nightspirit – Aether

Since many years Hungarian duo The Moon And The Nightspirit has created mythical folk music that aims to spellbind you once again with the opulent new album “Aether”. 

On the title track the mystical chants guide you through a magical sonic realm where the glowing atmospheric tapestries and the stylish acoustic phrases build enchanting rhythmic crescendos that have the power to take you far away from reality. 

“Kaputlan Kapukon Át” feels like being in the middle of the woods as the folk melodic splendor generates lavish multilayered acoustic progressions and luminous tonalities embellished by delicate vocal harmonies.  

The mood becomes darker on “Égi Messzeségek” as the acoustic arrangements naturally blend mysterious nuances and shimmering harmonies further emphasized by the pulsating rhythm and the contrasting emotions expressed by the vocal duet. 

Listening to “Asha” we’re dreaming the same dream as the wistful acoustic passages, the gorgeous strings and the graceful vocals create intricate melodic waves that can warm your heart. 

With “Aether” The Moon And The Nightspirit have reached a new milestone in their long standing career as all the tracks shine for the meticulous composition and flow like a daydream destined to linger in your mind. 

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