Atavist – III: Absolution

After a 10 year hiatus British death/doom stalwarts Atavist return triumphantly with the monolithic full length “III: Absolution” which unleashes an overdose of crushing doom dynamics and profoundly melancholic melodies. 

On “Loss” the mellow somber rhythm emphasizes the crucial role of the heart wrenching violin melodies entwined with gorgeous guitar phrases to create a sublime melodic realm that will ultimately embrace a majestic heavier doom ensemble enhanced by tormented growls and extremely lugubrious tonalities. 

“Struggle” can easily spread an overwhelming darkness as the agonizing growls and the extreme heavy weight of the harrowing guitar riffs create a grave sonic realm where the funeral doom style is destined to thrive leading to painfully slow rhythmic dynamics. 

Surrounded by an understated mysterious atmosphere “Absolution” constantly evokes grim feelings as the stunning refined guitar melodies and the melancholic tonalities amplify the emotive themes while the monolithic rhythmic section continues to follow an obscure doom metal pathway that reaches a glorious acme with the ravishing violin harmonies. 

Atavist know exactly how to create a truly intense doom album in fact with deeply mournful progressions and a cathartic melodic essence. “III: Absolution” invites you to embark on a challenging emotional journey. 

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