Solaris – Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte

Italian noise post-rockers Solaris aim to impress the audience with the enigmatic nuances of the debut full-lenght “Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte”.

“Podio” feels spontaneous & rebellious with the heavy distortions of the fuzzy stoner rhythmic segments that naturally build wild grooves amplified by spiteful vocals and chunky bass lines. 

Listening to “Ezikmndrek” you can easily space out as the dreamy guitar melodies accompanied by emotive vocals evoke a delicate post-rock flair that naturally embraces the significantly heavier fuzzy riffs and the dense rhythmic crescendos. 

“Oro” holds a desert rock spirit with a captivating blend of introspective melodic passages that can feel ethereal like a daydream emphasizing the cathartic nature of the guitar work and bold rhythmic progressions that will lead to wilder stoner dynamics. 

You cannot escape the inner melancholia of “Marnero” which comes to life through the hazy guitar melodies and the laid back vocals that certainly enhance a contemplative mood yet the massive noise oriented rhythmic blasts and the heavier riffage can channel angered feelings that ultimately evolve into a spaced out finale. 

Newcomers Solaris confidently manifest an intriguing sonic vision that on “Un Paese di Musichette Mentre Fuori c’è la Morte” generates fierce distorted patterns and moody melodic waves. 

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