Slift – Ummon

French power trio Slift embarks on a psychedelic trip across galaxies and otherworldly dimensions with the new full length “Ummon” so you better be prepared to space out like there’s no tomorrow. 

The title track feels like a wild heavy rock jam that can take you back in time as guitars have the perfect vintage sound delivering explosive dynamics and extensive fiery solos through a mystifying psychedelic atmosphere accompanied by powerful rocker style vocals. 

“It’s Coming…” ensures a trippy sonic experience as the moody guitar phrases flow like a colorful daydream channeling peaceful vibes while the rhythmic section keeps a steady charismatic stoner rock core enriched by the insanely intricate psychedelic arrangements. 

“Citadel On A Satellite” offers some elaborate heavier rhythmic patterns that highlight the presence of the monolithic guitar riffs and the untamed leads yet the psychedelic soul is often bound to prevail generating slower hazy melodic progressions.  

The monumental rhythmic rampage of “Hyperion” is fueled by the outstanding guitar work and a cosmic energy that lead to super groovy heavy rock segments as well as luminous melodic passages entwined with the pure psychedelia of the atmospheric waves. 

Listening to “Altitude Lake” can instantly induce a trance-like state as the soft guitar melodies glow like a beautiful dream surrounded by multilayered magical psychedelic nuances while the solid rhythmic section can still deliver a massive groovy momentum. 

The lengthy final track “Lions, Tigers And Bears” symbolizes the band’s sonic manifesto offering intense guitar driven grooves that channel colossal stoner rock vibes while the guitars and synths ultimately embrace a major psychedelic essence that could make you space out forever beyond time and space.  

You will feel immediately compelled to join the cosmic journey embodied by the edgy psychedelic stoner rock grooves of “Ummon” as Slift successfully showcase great passion and unrestrained creative force.  

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