Fellwarden – Wreathed in Mourncloud

Featuring Fen frontman The Watcher and drummer Havenless, Fellwarden aims to captivate the listeners with the cathartic soundscapes and an epic black metal assault of the sophomore album “Wreathed in Mourncloud”.  

“Pathmaker” opens the album with graceful melodic tapestries evoking an intense sense of longing that will continue to linger through the spellbinding instrumental crescendos carefully created by elegant atmospheric layers and gloomy guitar tonalities yet later a tormented blackened momentum will take over with feverish riffage and obscure growls. 

The title track offers truly majestic soundscapes as the dreamy guitar melodies lead the way to a world of pure nostalgia before embracing a blackened maelstrom with tremolo picking, frantic drumming and fierce growls that will eventually evolve into imposing clean vocals that emphasize the epic atmospheric motifs. 

The intricate composition of “An Elder Reckoning” revolves around a compelling blend of monumental guitar riffs showcasing the darkest black metal roots and contemplative melodic passages that can bring you comfort while the inner nostalgia is always vivid within the atmospheric grandeur. 

“Upon Stone” shines for the profoundly melancholic soul that comes to life through the gorgeous piano melodies and the poignant atmospheric arrangements that constantly express earnest emotions and even uplifting vibes while a mysterious blackened aura continues to maintain a strong presence generating darkened guitar progressions and gelid tonalities. 

The beauty and strength of “Wreathed in Mourncloud” can be easily perceived through the sublime melodic crescendos perfectly entwined with a primal blackened force as Fellwarden passionately craft an inspiring sonic journey. 

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