Ddent – Couvre-sang

French instrumental post-metal unit Ddent aims to spellbind the audience embarking on an immersive sonic journey through the majestic soundscapes of the new full length “Couvre-sang”. 

The darkened atmosphere of “Songe” can feel quite surreal generating delightful contemplative moments and as soon as the monumental guitar work takes the center stage you can perceive grim emotions lingering through the faster & heavier rhythmic patterns. 

The dream continues to unfold on “Puissancerevee” as the excellent guitars maintain a sorrowful mood crafting mellow phrases yet the rhythmic section will provide a darkly energetic momentum with sophisticated progressions. 

With a striking intricate composition and a fascinating post-metal approach “Souvenirsdematieres” constantly evokes sheer melancholia as the captivating guitar melodies and the fiery riffage flourish elegantly through the opulent atmospheric arrangements.  

The moody instrumental ensemble of “Videsdechos” takes you far away through a hypnotizing maze made of bleak melodic passages and intense heavier rhythmic segments that definitely highlights the stellar musicianship. 

“Voile” confidently follows a significantly heavier sonic pathway as the abrasive guitar riffs and the monolithic doom tinged drumming become the main focus creating an overdose of crushing rhythmic crescendos and enigmatic melodies leading to a philosophical atmospheric grand finale. 

Throughout “Couvre-sang” Ddent manifest their compelling artistic vision pushing boundaries to fully create a remarkable sonic realm where dreamy melodies and unexpected rhythmic twists naturally entwine. 

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