Primal Fear – Metal Commando

German heavy metal veterans Primal Fear reach another major milestone with the release of the 13th album “Metal Commando” revolving around heavy guitar driven grooves and darkened melodies. 

“I Am Alive” opens the album with great energy as the inflamed guitar riffs and the fancy shredding introduce a flawless groovy sonic realm channeling an overdose of classic heavy metal vibes and the bold rhythmic section will embrace a melodic pathway during the catchy chorus. 

“Along Came The Devil” continues to unleash mighty guitar riffs supported by the precise rhythmic section that as expected will trigger instant headbanging while the vocals can effortlessly deliver devilish high pitch screams.

With a slightly slower tempo “Hear Me Calling” emphasizes the stellar melodic guitar work which naturally shifts from mellow harmonies to flamboyant soloing while the sing along chorus definitely amplifies the song’s emotive essence. 

“My Name Is Fear” is another wild track with a significant old school approach fueled by the massive chunky guitar riffs that obviously generate a series of powerful rhythmic dynamics enriched by melodic elements and the excellent shredding galore of the solo. 

Throughout “Howl Of The Banshee” guitars rightfully maintain the spotlight crafting a generous dosage of relentless riffage and melodic hooks especially evident during the charismatic solos and the memorable chorus. 

The lengthy final track “Infinity” offers recurring darkened contemplative atmospheric arrangements which amplify the intense melancholia that characterizes the refined guitar melodies and the poignant vocal delivery yet the untamed rhythmic patterns and the impressive guitar solos will also showcase a strong epic flair within the faster & heavier segments. 

Primal Fear have been around for 22 years and listening to “Metal Commando” you will quickly understand that they are still driven and inspired by a genuine passion for heavy metal that even today seems simply unstoppable. 

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