Battle Dagorath – Abyss Horizons

Atmospheric spectral black metal band Battle Dagorath begins a visionary journey into the third eye on the new full length “Abyss Horizons”.

The lengthy track “Incantation Of The Vortexx” marks a perilous descent through hellish depths as the mystifying atmosphere effortlessly leads to contemplative soundscapes while the obscure guitar tonalities are bound to generate an overdose of faster and extremely cold blackened progressions.  

“Phantasmal Eye Of Dreams” feels like a solemn ceremony as the cryptic vibes grow stronger through the hazy atmospheric arrangements that surround an unrestrained black metal rhythmic rampage while the recurring slower melodic moments feature magical guitar phrases and mysterious vibes. 

Within a gelid atmospheric ensemble “Conjuring The Starwinds” marks an intense blackened assault as the relentless guitar riffs accompanied by tormented growls create asphyxiating dynamics until the melodic essence emerges conveying comforting otherworldly feelings through the calmer bewitching guitar melodies. 

“Twilight Of The Cold Sun” continues to embrace a somber melodic soul as the peaceful guitar harmonies flow gently through a rich atmospheric ensemble expressing spiritual vibes and  dreamy feelings in contrast with the massive blackened force that will inevitably lead to a chaotic ominous momentum. 

The instrumental final track “Saturnian Moons” focuses on surreal multilayered atmospheric arrangements that aim to channel the glowing cosmic energy necessary to complete a transcendental journey traversing the boundaries of this dimension. 

Following the arcane pathway of spectral black metal Battle Dagorath confidently combine menacing rhythmic patterns and epic atmospheric waves to create the impenetrable darkened sonic realm of “Abyss Horizons”. 

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