Ingested – Where Only Gods May Tread

In the extreme metal scene Ingested have already conquered a loyal fanbase and the latest uncompromising full length “Where Only Gods May Tread” certainly showcases an intense songwriting approach focusing on heavy & obscure grooves. 

“Follow The Deceiver” marks a majestic brutal beginning as the instrumental ensemble constantly unleashes inflamed dynamics with utmost precision fueled by an overdose of vitriolic riffs and menacing drum blasts. 

There’s no time to breathe as “Impending Dominance” manifests an enraged rhythmic onslaught through meticulous drumming and untamed guitar riffs that instantly trigger major headbanging until everything slows down drastically to create a brief atmospheric contemplative breakthrough.  

Featuring guest vocalist Vincent Bennett of The Acacia Strain, “The Burden Of Our Failures” maintains a ravenous rhythm but offers some compelling melodic nuances that allow the refined guitar leads to steal the spotlight expressing a mournful emotional turmoil. 

While the rhythmic core of “Another Breath” still relies on a hostile momentum the lavish melodic guitar work becomes the main focus conveying a gloomy grandeur enhanced by the somber vocal performance courtesy of Kirk Windstein of Crowbar. 

“Black Pill” features some scorching vocals courtesy of Matt Honeycutt of Kublai Khan and the whole song certainly focuses on an incessant sonic assault following a breakneck speed but guitars will have a chance to provide brief dismal melodic moments. 

“Leap Of The Faithless” stands out for the elaborate composition in fact besides the expected malevolent guitar driven grooves the focus often shifts to the melancholic nuances of the lead guitar work crafting a fair dosage of cathartic melodic tapestries in the midst of a bleak atmosphere. 

If you’re familiar with the previous discography of Ingested you won’t be surprised to see that “Where Only Gods May Tread” could be the most aggressive album of the year as the band confidently continues to follow a merciless sonic pathway enriched by a darkened dramatic depth. 

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