Psychlona – Venus Skytrip

UK stoner rock stalwarts Psychlona are ready to embark on a galactic voyage through the fuzzy soundscapes of the sophomore album “Venus Skytrip”. 

The explosive trip begins with “Blast Off” where guitars move sinuously through a nebulous atmosphere delivering moody melodic phrases and inflamed stoner rock riffage well supported by the addictive cosmic energy of the rhythmic section. 

It’s time to space out endlessly as soon as “10,000 Volts” manifests a warm fuzzy soul through the excellent guitar work crafting immersive melodic passages that convey glowing peaceful feelings yet will spontaneously evolve into wild extensive solos within a significantly heavier rhythmic ensemble. 

“Blow” immediately showcases a fiery stoner rock spirit as the monumental guitar riffs and the robust bass backbone successfully build intense groovy dynamics enriched by the comforting vocal delivery and the magical vintage psychedelic tonalities of the solo.  

Surrounded by misty atmospheric waves “Resin” feels like a delightful daydream following a slower pace to highlight the luminous guitar harmonies and the mellow vocals yet the mighty rhythmic section and the bewitching guitar solo will channel an energetic momentum. 

We continue to space out like there’s no tomorrow as the majestic track “The Owl” dwells within a hazy desert rock realm with super slow monolithic guitar riffs and laid back vocals guiding you through a hypnotic rhythmic maze that could really take you anywhere and ultimately reaches the acme with an enthralling psychedelic soloing. 

Listening to “Venus Skytrip” is truly a wild trip as Psychlona have skillfully developed a charismatic blend of pure psychedelia and groovy stoner rock dynamics that will put a spell on you. 

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