The Atomic Bitchwax – Scorpio

Formed in the mid 90s by bassist/singer/songwriter Chris Kosnik, The Atomic Bitchwax quickly became an iconic act within the explosive stoner rock scene and the wild temper of the latest release “Scorpio” will not disappoint the faithful fans. 

The frenetic rhythmic rampage of “Hope You Die” immediately unleashes the powerful groovy attitude that characterizes the whole album as the massive heavy guitar riffs and the acidic vocals keep an irresistible stoner rock mood. 

“Energy” aptly relies on the overwhelming raw energy of the dazzling guitar riffs which makes you feel like jumping & headbanging effortlessly creating loads of entertaining grooves amplified by the incendiary licks of the excellent solo.

The title track marks another highly impactful moment that doesn’t cease to generate monumental grooves as the drums successfully maintain a frantic rhythm enhanced by the savage distorted riffage and the turbulent soloing. 

Throughout “Easy Action” the guitar riffs and the thick bass lines naturally build memorable rhythmic blasts which definitely enhances the feel good mood of the chorus and the leads easily add delightful variations. 

The instrumental track “Crash” has a faster super catchy rhythm solidified by the terrific guitar work which can shift from robust riffage to eclectic & extensive soloing showcasing the band’s abilities. 

The fierce final track “Instant Death” puts the spotlight once again on the fundamental role of the guitars that have the chance to impress the listeners with a series of charismatic solos marching through a dazed instrumental jam. 

At the core of “Scorpio” you can instantly perceive the retro nuances and the massive fuzzy energy of stoner rock which allow The Atomic Bitchwax to create an adrenaline infused sonic manifesto with undiluted passion and enthusiasm.  


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