Crystal Spiders – Molt

North Carolina’s heavy duo Crystal Spiders has the potential to draw attention with the doomy psychedelic tinged soundscapes of the debut album “Molt”. 

The album opener “Trapped” already manifests a hazy sonic vision as the rumbling bass lines introduce a robust stoner rock rampage and the bold guitar riffs hold a delightful vintage doomy flair.  

The title track unleashes some cool stomping rhythmic patterns fueled by the raw energy of the heavy riffage and the faster wild drumming while the powerful vocal delivery certainly matches the groovy attitude. 

Throughout “Chronic Sick” the guitar work diligently follows a bewitching ’70s style delivering monumental riffs with a strong classic doom influence that dictates a darkened rhythm enriched by the slow burning guitar solo. 

On “The Call” the retro tonalities of the guitar generate an overload of gritty riffs following a frenetic rhythmic core that makes you feel good until everything slows down drastically as the chunky bass and the soothing vocals lead you through a sorrowful melodic realm. 

On the darkly hypnotic final track ”Fog” the guitar riffs acquire massive psychedelic tones and everything feels inevitably spacey while the comforting vocal harmonies flourish gently through the fuzzy rhythmic maze. 

The fuzz-addicted sonic pathway chosen by Crystal Spiders naturally thrives throughout “Molt” which definitely has the necessary enthusiasm and passion to conquer the listeners.

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