Vous Autres – Sel De Pierre

French post black metal duo Vous Autres embark on a gloomy sonic journey through the enigmatic soundscapes of the sophomore full length “Sel de Pierre”.

The obscure atmosphere surrounding “Onde” generates a world of despair and grief where guitars can sound ferocious providing intense riffage with a strong black metal influence but also focus on extremely somber tonalities creating captivating melodic passages. 

“Vesuve” relies on haunting guitar melodies flourishing through a bleak & convoluted atmospheric maze while the anguished screams and the heavier rhythmic patterns continue to channel a primordial blackened inspiration. 

“Ecueil” puts aside the blackened fury allowing the synths to create a bewitching atmospheric realm following a rather experimental approach that leads to modern electro multilayers and dreamy feelings. 

“In Humus” dwells in a mysterious limbo between darkness and light as the slow wistful guitar melodies flow gently through the misty atmospheric waves and complement the ethereal female vocals in contrast with the tormented rhythmic momentum.  

Surrounded by an atmospheric melancholy “Sel de Pierre” might appear as an ode to darkness yet Vous Autres have also the ability to bring glimpses of light & hope through vivid melodic tapestries. 

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