Amaranthe – Manifest

During the last decade Amaranthe have developed an explosive modern metal style that today aims to reach new heights with the inflamed energy of the latest full length “Manifest”.  

“Fearless” ensures the expected bombastic beginning of the album combining futuristic accents and heavy riffage to create robust rhythmic blasts while the chorus certainly sounds radio friendly with a polished melodic flair. 

“Make It Better” can feel quite aggressive as the powerful guitar riffs lead the way to a shiny electro infused sonic realm where all the vocalists have a chance to shine and build together a super catchy chorus. 

As the title suggests “Adrenaline” relies on energetic rhythmic patterns featuring monumental drumming and fancy guitar soloing but at the core you will find plenty of accessible pop elements emphasized by the dazzling keyboards. 

Featuring guest vocalist Noora Louhimo of Battle Beast “Strong” focuses on the fascinating vocal duet which can definitely express a sense of empowerment accompanied by shimmering synths arrangements and memorable rhythmic dynamics.  

On “The Game” the multilayered synths have a fundamental role generating a futuristic mood around the glowing vocal harmonies that amplify the inner melodic essence in contrast with the fiery riffage and the vicious growls. 

There is a darkened atmosphere lingering through “Archangel” which tends to focus on a heavier rhythm embellished by an overload of moody electronic accents while the big chorus manages to maintain catchy melodic vibes. 

“Die And Wake Up” is full of playful rhythmic dynamics unfolding around the excellent vocal interplay and obviously while the chorus continues to put the spotlight on Elize Ryd’s alluring voice the guitar driven heavier momentum is enhanced by Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson’s spiteful growls.  

Undoubtedly the strength of “Manifest” comes from the creative force of guitarist Olof Mörck and the charming blend of three different voices, in fact this release demonstrates that Amaranthe are steadily following a rather successful musical pathway. 

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