Warlung – Optical Delusions

Texas heavy rockers Warlung skillfully blend horror themes and retro tonalities on the latest offering “Optical Delusions”.

On “Phantasmagoria” the occult rock essence naturally thrives within the atmospheric grandeur reminiscing of classic horror movies while guitars don’t waste any time and deliver the expected dosage of galloping riffs and charismatic leads. 

“Sun Eater” relies on hazy rock nuances keeping a distinct retro flair as the rhythm slows down channeling sheer nostalgia amplified by the mellow vocal delivery and the bittersweet melodic nature of the guitar solos. 

“Order Of The Solar Temple” returns to an inflamed groovy approach as the heavy riffage holds a fundamental role in the creation of robust rhythmic patterns that also bear the influence of classic rock while the occasional melodic moments evoke somber feelings. 

The mood of “Devil’s Game” becomes aptly darker as the excellent guitar work often follows a slower mystifying rhythm that enhances the moody melodic spirit and the particularly passionate vocal performance. 

Throughout “No Man’s Land” guitars are destined to steal the spotlight once again shifting from bold riffs to soothing melodic phrases that clearly channel glorious ‘70s vibes and will reach the acme with the flamboyant energy of the soloing. 

On “Optical Delusions” everything flows naturally without bombastic special effects as Warlung fully embrace a genuine songwriting approach with an authentic psyched attitude that generates an interesting mix of melodies & grooves. 

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