Insidious Disease – After Death

Featuring current and previous members of Dimmu Borgir, Morgoth, Nile, Napalm Death, and Susperia, Norwegian death metal collective Insidious Disease unleashes the first album in a decade “After Death” which celebrates a rebirth with an overdose of ravenous grooves. 

The obscure journey begins with the distant darkened tonalities of “Soul Excavation” that lead to a generous dosage of tight riffs supported by frantic drum blasts and vicious growls while the guitar solo delivers tormented melodic phrases. 

On “Divine Fire” the recurring melodic guitar work feels like a hymn to darkness and introduces a proper death metal sonic assault where the precise rhythmic section always has a chance to create relentless grooves.  

Throughout “Unguided Immortality” you will find a balanced mix of anguished melodic guitar licks and faster unrestrained rhythmic dynamics that certainly channel the glorious days of classic death metal.  

The angered mood of “Enforcers Of The Plague” is constantly fueled by the ruthless rhythmic section that ensures an aggressive death metal momentum perfectly matched by the hellish growls while the lead guitar work can add a mournful melodic flair. 

On “An End Date For The World” the robust riffage and the monumental drumming generate asphyxiating rhythmic patterns while the darkly melodic leads flourish within a dystopian atmosphere.  

The arcane sonic realm of “Nefarious Atonement” is filled with malignant guitar riffs and belligerent growls that seem to embody a tortured soul yet the harsh rhythmic segments will give way to a series of grave guitar melodies. 

Darkness descends throughout “After Death” as Insidious Disease confidently embrace a modern death metal approach that demands venomous guitar driven grooves and sinister vibes.


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