My Dying Bride – Macabre Cabaret

Earlier this year doom metal legends My Dying Bride made a triumphant comeback with the acclaimed full length “The Ghost Of Orion” and now they are ready to please their faithful acolytes with the darkly alluring new EP “Macabre Cabaret”. 

The title track is a memorable work of art surrounded by the enticing darkness of the organ arrangements and the sombre atmospheric layers while the guitar melodies hold an irresistible gothic flair carefully mixed with the obscure weight of the doom rhythmic progressions and Aaron Stainthorpe’s dramatic vocal delivery evokes contrasting emotions through the bleak soundscapes.     

With an ambient/experimental composition “A Purse Of Gold And Stars” puts aside the heavy doom style to focus on the decadent beauty of the ethereal atmospheric tapestries and the elegant piano melodies that emphasize the emotional struggle expressed by the forlorn vocals. 

“A Secret Kiss” is a significantly heavier track that highlights the doom grandeur with dreadful growls and a series of grave rhythmic patterns constantly fueled by the darkened force of the guitar riffs and the monolithic drumming. 

In a realm of shadows and dark love, My Dying Bride successfully create a lavish melancholia infused opus and even if “Macabre Cabaret” is a short EP it still maintains the band’s signature style with undiluted passion. 

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