Fortið – World Serpent

Icelandic black metal band Fortið returns with the ambitious sixth full-length “World Serpent” which consists of two halves of five songs each that complement each other despite manifesting divergent artistic visions and different line-ups. 

The epic and obscure atmospheric arrangements of the intro “AI 2020” foreshadow the arcane motifs that on “The True Awakening” will lead to fierce rhythmic dynamics fueled by the sharp guitar riffs and gelid melodic phrases channeling a true Nordic metal essence. 

“Controlled Patterned Mental Process” follows a faster blackened rhythm as the belligerent combo of riffage and drumming seems unstoppable until guitars begin to craft soothing melodic passages leading to a fascinating solo in the midst of a sombre atmosphere. 

The recurring mellow guitar melodies on “Son Of A Barren Land” evoke melancholia and grief accompanied by a sorrowful vocal delivery yet the mood will change as the rhythmic section and the vicious growls unleash an inflamed blackened energy following a faster ominous tempo. 

Throughout “Beyond the Grips Of Odium” the relentless riffs maintain a frenetic blackened momentum while vocals naturally shift from tormented growls to a solemn clean delivery reminiscent of a Viking metal glory also enhanced by the elaborate lead guitar work. 

The dystopian atmospheric tapestries of “Perfect Annihilation” introduce a darkened rhythmic ensemble that amplifies the intricate dynamics and the essential role of the stellar guitar solos which convey a glowing melodic essence. 

The apocalyptic theme of “World Serpent” spontaneously generates a darkened sonic realm where the primal blackened essence is destined to prevail even if Fortið certainly showcase artistic freedom with a subtle experimental approach.

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