Botanist – Photosynthesis

Post-black metal collective Botanist is renowned for the avant-garde songwriting approach and the themes related to plants and flowers in fact the new concept album “Photosynthesis” invites you to enter the Verdant Realm.  

Listening to “Light” you can immediately perceive the clarity of the sound as the omnipresent luminous keyboards create soothing soundscapes in contrast with the harsh tonalities of the intricate rhythmic dynamics. 

“Water” begins with minimalist melodies but swiftly embraces a wilder rhythmic crescendo and as the electrified hammered dulcimer substitutes the guitars the resulting frenetic passages unravel around the poignant vocal delivery. 

On “Dehydration” the gentle hammered dulcimer phrases and the ethereal atmospheric arrangements bloom triumphantly within the heavier rhythmic maze definitely amplified by the ravenous screams and the consequent emotional turmoil. 

“Bacteria” surprises the listeners with unusual rhythmic twists fueled by the monumental drumming and the subtle blackened essence while the comforting melodies seem to glow through the darkened soundscape. 

“Oxygen” marks a grand finale creating a dreamy sonic realm as the surreal post-rock flair leads to delightful cinematic layers and glowing melodic textures accompanied by ethereal vocals flourishing through the significantly heavier rhythmic patterns.  

The unique nature of “Photosynthesis” is already evident in the botanic themes and following a distinct creative pathway Botanist focus on a convoluted composition where light and darkness become inevitably entwined. 

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