Pulchra Morte – Ex Rosa Ceremonia

Following a strong debut release back in 2019, doom metal band Pulchra Morte is ready to raise the bar with the sophomore album “Ex Rosa Ceremonia” inspired by the philosophical concept of spiritual and mental renaissance.  

“The Serpent’s Choir” marks a strong beginning as the monumental riffage generates venomous rhythmic patterns enriched by the charismatic lead guitar work and the ominous flair is definitely amplified by the intense choir featuring dozens of contributors from many awesome metal bands. 

The arcane atmosphere of “Knife Of The Will” is constantly fueled by the imposing growls and the grave guitar tonalities that lead to a balanced blend of bold riffs and crestfallen melodic phrases that successfully evoke an appealing gothic essence. 

Embracing a slower melancholic splendor “Prince Among Shadows” relies on the comforting acoustic harmonies and the melodic gloom of the lead guitar work yet you will find a heavier hostile momentum embodied by the towering drums and the vicious growls. 

On “To Suffer (The Way You Do)” the robust rhythmic section effortlessly creates fierce grooves yet once again the irresistible gothic essence emerges through the melodic leads which will reach the acme with an intricate guitar solo. 

Conjuring pure darkness the title track can sound absolutely ferocious due to the diabolical growls and the faster extreme metal dynamics while the mournful atmospheric waves and the cold melodies convey profound sorrowful feelings.  

The heavy weight of classical doom remains at the center of Pulchra Morte’s sonic vision that is clearly undergoing an intriguing evolution within the realm of crushing grooves and poignant melodies of “Ex Rosa Ceremonia”. 

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