Lykantropi – Tales To Be Told

Swedish psychedelic folk rock collective Lykantropi takes you back to the rock and folk music of the glorious early ‘70s with the new full length “Tales To Be Told”.

The traditional folk vibes linger through “Coming Your Way” which combines soothing luminous flute harmonies and catchy guitar melodies that stand out for the authentic retro tonalities.  

The title track features classic rock nuances as the guitar work naturally shifts from gritty riffage to smooth melodic phrases accompanied by a magical vocal delivery and celestial atmospheric accents. 

On the intricate track “Kom ta mig ut” the mellow guitar progressions and the glowing flutes evoke a beautiful pastoral world far from the actual reality while the bittersweet vocals can easily evoke a profound nostalgia. 

The strength of “Spell On Me” comes from the delicious occult rock mood that leads to bewitching vocals and a subtle darkened flair while the guitar work delivers edgy melodic patterns enriched by a charismatic solo. 

You can still perceive a moody rock soul within the rhythmic segments of  “Världen går vidare” yet the dreamy atmosphere and the warm & spacey melodic essence will take you to a different world probably in the middle of the woods. 

Throughout “Tales To Be Told” Lykantropi confidently channel the spirit of wilderness to create a cathartic sonic realm characterized by an irresistible vintage style and enchanting folk soundscapes. 

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