Macabre – Carnival Of Killers

The triumphant return of Macabre arrives with the release of “Carnival Of Killers” just in time for their 35th anniversary announcing that a creepy carnival in the company of serial killers is coming to town.  

It’s not surprising to see that “Your Window Is Open” has a quite gruesome mood as the death metal dynamics ensure brutal rhythmic patterns with tight riffage and fast drumming enriched by excellent guitar leads. 

“Joe Ball Was His Name” sounds certainly entertaining with the baritone vocal delivery and the carnivalesque rhythm while guitars still have a chance to deliver strong riffs and fancy leads.  

”Stinky” has a palpable nightmarish mood with a robust rhythmic section that generates chaotic and aggressive segments that will eventually become more playful and catchy. 

“Richard Speck Grew Big Breasts” is definitely a hilarious title nevertheless the rhythmic blasts sound quite serious channeling a strong primal energy in extreme metal fashion. 

Everything feels dark and spooky on “Slaughter House” with the ominous vocals and the sharp riffage marching fiercely and successfully maintaining a belligerent old school death metal approach. 

The monumental drumming on “The Lake Of Fire” dictates an overload of merciless grooves spiced up by the charismatic guitar solo and the vocals become tormented screams to highlight the horror motifs. 

“The Wheels On The Bug” might sound like a lovely nursery rhyme but the band is ready to unleash a savage rhythmic assault enhanced by the powerful death-gore growls. 

The psychotic sonic realm of “Corpse Violator” hits you in the face with loads of fiery guitar riffs, a generous dosage of wild shredding and crunchy rhythmic patterns. 

“The Murder Mack” closes down this insane carnival with maniacal screams and a series of hostile guitar riffs following a viciously fast tempo but there is still space for some memorable guitar solos. 

On “Carnival Of Killers” each track tells a murderous tale and Macabre’s songwriting style further amplifies the vivid horror vibes with a morbid sense of humor and massive bloodthirsty grooves.    

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