Dark Buddha Rising – Mathreyata

Finnish “dark underlords of psychedelic drone” Dark Buddha Rising return with the visionary opus “Mathreyata” which embodies a mystical sonic realm destined to captivate the listeners.

“Sunyaga” already showcases the spiritual essence of the album with the hypnotic drone layers and the distant ethereal chants while the extra heavy guitar riffs follow a doomed pathway that inevitably generates monolithic rhythmic patterns amplified by the tormented screams.  

On “Nagathma” the monochromatic drone and the arcane tonalities generate a ritualistic atmosphere emphasized by the eerie vocals and the resulting darkened ensemble can easily make you space out yet the rhythmic section accompanied by anguished screams continues to channel a lugubrious doom force. 

The dense atmosphere of “Uni” belongs to an altered state of mind as the multilayered ambiance textures create surreal soundscapes where the steady drum beats convey a tribal dirge. 

It’s easy to get lost within the mysterious dimension of “Mahathgata III” as the drone and the otherworldly vocals create a murky atmosphere that triggers a cathartic momentum while the colossal guitar progressions march fiercely through a wall of impenetrable darkness and ultimately evolve into a chaotic rhythmic maze. 

Listening to “Mathreyata” we stand at the edge of the abyss as Dark Buddha Rising craft enigmatic soundscapes and crushing dynamics with a remarkable meditative approach.

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