Oldblood – Arms To The Sky

London blackened doom quartet Oldblood evokes grief & despair on the new EP “Arms To The Sky” conceptually inspired by the dropping of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima. 

You can immediately perceive an ominous aura surrounding “Kuebiko” as somber guitar melodies introduce a monolithic rhythmic section fueled by the oppressive weight of the riffs and the drum blasts while the slower moments highlight a pale sense of hopefulness and murky tonalities. 

On “Nuclear Blues” guitars can often acquire some robust sludge vibes to craft memorable groovy patterns following a rambunctious rhythmic rampage nevertheless the agonizing melodic segments and the obscure growls still evoke a grave doom essence. 

“Los Alamos” tends to embrace a sorrowful post-metal flair as the darkened guitar tonalities create hazy melodic passages following a dramatically slower tempo yet the heavier riffage will build intense doom oriented patterns. 

In the beginning “Alone” focuses on crestfallen harmonies that will continue to linger through the heavier monumental rhythmic ensemble and a dense darkness will inevitably become more dominant with the tormented growls and the fierce riffage yet a totally spaced out mood will lead to slow burning melodies and understated atmospheric textures. 

The sonic realm of “Arms To The Sky” is filled with anguish as Oldblood confidently channel the primal force of extreme metal to create a bold mix of crushing grooves and mournful melodic tapestries. 


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