Eleine – Dancing In Hell

Dark symphonic metal band Eleine aims to impress the audience with the explosive third full-length ”Dancing In Hell” which naturally combines all the elements of such a beloved genre. 

Subtle obscure vibes linger throughout “Enemies” as the guitar driven grooves can acquire grave tonalities enhanced by the darkened atmospheric arrangements while the melodic patterns focus on a catchy delivery. 

The title track offers a series of heavy rhythmic patterns fueled by the bold riffage and the robust drumming marching through symphonic orchestrations while the glowing melodic essence leads to softer vocals and graceful atmospheric waves. 

On “Ava Of Death” the whole instrumentation often focuses on heavy rhythmic blasts to emphasize the inner dark energy but the smooth vocal harmonies and the polished guitar solo sound widely accessible. 

On “Crawl From The Ashes” the mid paced rhythm and the mellow chorus ensure a catchy mood embellished by the elegant symphonic tapestries in contrast with the darker momentum and the malignant growls. 

The atmospheric textures on “Memoriam” evoke contemplative feelings unfolding around the melancholic vocal delivery leading to a memorable chorus accompanied by pleasant melodic guitars. 

The alluring gloom of the orchestral arrangements and the faster rhythmic rampage of “Where Your Rotting Corpses Lie” channel a seductive gothic flair consequently the spiteful growls and the monumental riffs will become more dominant. 

Featuring a familiar mix of growls and harmonious vocals “Dancing In Hell” certainly follows the successful symphonic metal formula as Eleine diligently blends luminous melodies and darkened grooves. 

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