Tombs – Under Sullen Skies

Created by mastermind Mike Hill, Tombs return with the new obscure offering “Under Sullen Skies” which dwells within a twisted blackened realm expressing a psychological turmoil. 

“Bone Furnace” immediately showcases visceral black metal roots with grave tonalites, tortured growls and pummeling drums yet the inner experimental nature comes to life through the atmospheric/electronic arrangements.  

“Void Constellation” shifts to a mournful doom approach as the monolithic riffage and the slower tempo become dominant while the refined melodic passages focus on depressing tonalities and contemplative vibes. 

The robust rhythmic section on “Barren” channels a raw blackened energy amplified by the anguished vocals while the slower moments lead to pensive atmospheric tapestries embellished by a generous dosage of enthralling melancholic guitar melodies. 

The painfully slow rhythm of “Secrets of the Black Sun” enhances the doom & gloom flair as the minimalist guitar melodies and the dramatic vocals seem to float within a dense atmospheric realm and will ultimately embrace a darkened heavier crescendo. 

“Lex Talionis” revolves around the ruthless & groovy rhythmic rampage fueled by super fast drumming and hellish riffage while the lead guitar work evokes strong ominous vibes delivering arcane melodic patterns.  

“Angel of Darkness” is drenched in darkness as a surreal atmosphere embellished by delicate vocals introduces monumental rhythmic patterns that can march relentlessly through the haunting keyboards arrangements. 

“Plague Years” begins with minimalist acoustic phrases swiftly followed by a menacing sonic assault with unrestrained guitar riffs and unstoppable blackened blasts while the understated atmospheric tapestries and the doom oriented segments convey immense grief. 

As Tombs continue to combine diverse influences and styles, the blackened fury and the post-apocalyptic motif of “Under Sullen Skies” can spontaneously unravel aggressive dynamics within a bleak sonic realm. 

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