Top 15 Records of 2020

Dool – Summerland 

On their sophomore album Dool fully embraces a seductive dark rock evolution crafting addictive songs emphasized by Ryanne van Dorst’s charismatic vocal performance. 

Personal Favorite Track: Summerland


Sólstafir – Endless Twilight of Codependent Love

The spellbinding sonic evolution of Sólstafir this time leads to intricate cathartic soundscapes filled with sheer melancholia and the musicianship is simply brilliant. 

Personal Favorite Track: Akkeri


Dark Tranquillity – Moment

Once again Dark Tranquillity showcase an unstoppable creative force combining sophisticated keyboards arrangements with the primal force of death metal to express vivid emotions.

Personal Favorite Track: In Truth Divided


Pain Of Salvation – Panther

Mastermind Daniel Gildenlöw continues to impress, embracing a convoluted sonic vision and a remarkably elaborate songwriting that can always surprise the listeners. 

Personal Favorite Track: Icon


My Dying Bride – The Ghost Of Orion

This album marks a triumphant comeback for My Dying Bride effortlessly crafting a realm of perennial gloom & undiluted darkness. 

Personal Favorite Track: The Long Black Land


Draconian – Under A Godless Veil

The decadent beauty of gothic doom metal flourishes throughout the album as Draconian meticulously blend despair and enchanting melodic tapestries. 

Personal Favorite Track: Lustrous Heart


Molassess – Through The Hollow

This is also the best debut album of the year and Farida Lemouchi’s unique enchanting voice constantly enriches the complex psych-rock soundscapes. 

Personal Favorite Track: The Devil Lives


Secrets Of The Moon – Black House

Listening to this album you can easily escape from the burden of reality embracing the surreal dreamy essence of the melodic & atmospheric crescendos. 

Personal Favorite Track: Don’t Look Now


Paradise Lost – Obsidian

The majestic legacy of Paradise Lost thrives within the gothic doom grandeur of this album which also showcase a bewitching melodic essence. 

Personal Favorite Track: Darker Thoughts


Völur – Death Cult

This album belongs to an arcane sonic realm and Völur truly demonstrates their excellent musicianship and exquisite avant-garde approach. 

Personal Favorite Track: Dead Moon


Katatonia – City Burials

After a sudden hiatus, Katatonia have the chance to unleash an ex novo creative force that generates intense gloomy soundscapes.

Personal Favorite Track: Heart Set To Divide


The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds

The Birthday Massacre know how to create catchy albums and the alluring blend of 80’s electronica and darkened melodies will get stuck in your head.  

Personal Favorite Track: Crush


Forming The Void – Reverie

Forming The Void are destined to impress the audience as they channel all the cosmic energy to craft energetic grooves and trippy melodies. 

Personal Favorite Track: Onward Through The Haze


Wolfheart – Wolves Of Karelia

We all need an overdose of winter metal and Wolfheart are ready to provide all the gelid melancholic soundscapes as well as vicious grooves. 

Personal Favorite Track: Ashes


En Minor – When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out

The unexpected experimental musical endeavor of legendary Philip H. Anselmo is a wonderful surprise that leads to a harrowing collection of songs.  

Personal Favorite Track: On The Floor


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