Electric Hydra – Electric Hydra

Swedish rockers Electric Hydra channel an overdose of irresistible retro vibes on the debut self- titled full length.  

“It Comes Alive” marks the beginning of a wild ride as the chunky guitar riffs effortlessly generate all kinds of grooves keeping in mind a vintage rock blueprint certainly enhanced by the rebellious vocal delivery. 

On “Won’t Go To War (With Myself)” the guitar work has a chance to shine adding catchy leads to the inflamed rhythmic rampage and the resulting groovy attitude instantly puts you in a good mood. 

“Grab What’s Yours” continues to maintain a stellar rock energy yet the stoner doom elements feel essential within the fiery rhythmic ensemble and the dramatic narrative definitely amplifies the inner darkened nuances.  

“Iron Lung” relies on murky & moody guitar phrases to create a sultry melodic realm while the gritty riffage will channel a monumental doom flair leading to thrilling rhythmic dynamics enriched by the charismatic guitar leads. 

“End Of Days” holds a sleazy rock spirit as the frenetic guitar riffs supported by robust drum blasts take the center stage to build entertaining faster grooves that will evolve into a sorrowful melodic momentum. 

The final track “Rise From Below” can spellbind you with a hazy stoner rock soul and dazed atmospheric accents accompanied by soothing vocal harmonies but the fervent rhythmic ensemble is always ready to deliver memorable grooves. 

Electric Hydra have just begun their musical endeavor but on this explosive debut release they already manifest a charming artistic vision confidently channeling all the unforgettable glory of stoner & classic rock. 

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