Imha Tarikat – Sternenberster

German blackened metallers Imha Tarikat unleash a savage sonic assault on the latest offering “Sternenberster” lyrically inspired by psychoanalysis and especially dream interpretation. 

The explosive nature of the whole album comes to life on “Ekstase ohne Ende” as the gelid guitar tonalites can lead to elegant melodic progressions and complex soloing while the heavier riffage and the tormented growls spontaneously generate a chaotic momentum.  

Certainly “Kreuzpunkt der Schicksale” holds the raw energy of punk yet the coldest blackened essence is bound to prevail as the unrestrained rhythmic section acquires speed to unleash ravenous blasts. 

“Brand am Firmament” relies on the lugubrious guitar tonalities and the full-throttled vocals to fuel a relentless blackened onslaught enriched by an intriguing series of intricate leads and a sorrowful acoustic finale. 

“Aufstieg” is full of extra heavy rhythmic dynamics as the aggressive drumming seems unstoppable yet the fancy guitar leads and the mournful calmer passages will add a necessary diversity. 

The title track channels some epic vibes through the hostile grooves created by violent riffage and monumental drumming and further amplified by the primal energy of the growls that ultimately lead to a twisted blackened vision. 

On “Sternenberster” Imha Tarikat confidently create an obscure sonic realm where the intense rhythmic rampage feels just like a cosmic outburst.  

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