Azarath – Saint Desecration

Founded & masterminded by Behemoth’s drummer Inferno, Azarath manifest a majestic blackened death metal vision that will leave you breathless and shattered on the new offering “Saint Desecration”. 

Darkness descends triumphantly on “Death-at-Will” as a series of lugubrious guitar melodies will linger through the ruthless blackened realm fueled by the insane speed of drumming, the aggressive riffage and the hellish growls. 

On “Sancta Dei Meretrix” the visceral blackened essence is destined to prevail through the menacing rhythmic rampage enriched by the technical accents of the excellent guitar leads and the ritualistic style of the growls.  

“Fall of the Blessed” once again focuses on the malignant strength of the drums to create asphyxiating grooves while the guitar work emphasizes the inner darkness with cryptic tonalities and elaborate soloing. 

“No Salvation” features stylish mournful guitar phrases that foreshadow the increasing obscurity of the belligerent rhythmic march which relies on the precise drumming and the relentless riffs to convey pure rage. 

The enticing darkness of the melodic segments holds a fundamental role in “Reigning over the Death” which dwells within a mysterious world where the furious death metal core is bound to thrive unleashing monumental rhythmic blasts. 

“Beyond the Gates of Burning Ghats” continues to follow a merciless extreme metal pathway as the towering drums dictate vicious dynamics enhanced by sinister melodic leads while in the final part the extensive charismatic guitar solo successfully creates an arcane melodic grandeur.  

In order to create the sonic onslaught embodied by “Saint Desecration” Azarath invoke an ominous force that inevitably generates punishing grooves definitely enriched by an intriguing melodic gloom. 

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