Vajra – Irkalla

NY-based band Vajra aims to conquer a wider audience manifesting a mystical sonic vision on the new album “Irkalla” which is the first part of a trilogy exploring the various levels of consciousness. 

Listening to “Maya” you can perceive delicious darkened vibes flourishing through the catchy blend of moody melodic phrases and groovy rhythmic progressions enriched by Annamaria Pinna’s charismatic vocal performance. 

On “Crown Or Crucify” darkness & light naturally entwine as the haunting atmospheric textures, the subtle electronic accents and the comforting melodies evoke bittersweet feelings that will lead to a quite accessible chorus. 

The dark rock soul of “Sever The Tie” leads to memorable guitar driven grooves but also holds an arcane flair as the tribal rhythm becomes essential in the creation of an entrancing experience emphasized by the spiritual essence embodied by the Annamaria’s charming voice. 

The instrumental track “Wind” marks an esoteric finale focusing on an ethereal chanting flowing gently through tribal percussion and trance inducing atmospheric waves. 

The atmospheric & melodic soundscapes of “Irkalla” certainly showcase a spontaneous creative freedom and even if the album is a bit short Vajra have a chance to raise interest in the underground scene. 

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