Kabbalah – The Omen

Spanish occult rock trio Kabbalah opens the doors of a deliciously dark realm on the sophomore full-length “The Omen” channeling the timeless essence of 70s heavy, doom and psych. 

“Stigmatized” revolves around the irresistible occult rock flair which naturally thrives within the spooky atmospheric ensemble enriched by fuzzy melodic passages while the doom worshipping is clearly embodied by the heavier riffage.   

“Ceibas”constantly maintains a cryptic mood as the darkened tonalities of the guitar work become essential in the creation of gritty riffs and haunting melodic progressions embellished by enchanting vocal harmonies. 

“The Ritual” manifests a strong doom force as the monolithic guitar riffs lead to obscure yet absolutely catchy rhythmic patterns and fuzzy crescendos that also highlight the fascinating retro vibes. 

Drenched in seductive darkness “Lamentations” follows a slower tempo that emphasizes the charming hazy melodies and the graceful vocals flowing through a lugubrious sonic realm spiced up by the raw energy of the guitar work. 

The 70s style of the heavy guitar riffs hold a fundamental role on “Liturgy” amplifying once again a strong classic doom influence while the alluring melodic passages and the soft harmonious vocals enhance the esoteric flair.  

Listening to “The Omen” you will feel compelled to embrace its perennial sultry darkness as Kabbalah confidently bring to life a bewitching occult rock grimoire. 

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