Molten – Dystopian Syndrome

Formed in the Bay Area underground, Molten is ready to unleash their debut release “Dystopian Syndrome” channeling a primal extreme metal force enriched by intriguing melodic motifs. 

Besides the generous dosage of aggressive rhythmic blasts “Virulence” is filled with alluring ominous vibes which spontaneously lead to plenty of charismatic melodic guitar leads and lugubrious atmospheric tapestries. 

The title track channels a classic thrash energy to create groovy rhythmic patterns triggering instant headbanging but also tends to put the spotlight on the excellent guitar work which can deliver a doomed melodic flair and majestic shredding. 

You can easily perceive arcane vibes throughout “On Through Phlegethon” as the monolithic rhythmic section becomes fundamental yet the multifaceted influences are evident as guitars will eventually embrace a classic heavy metal flair leading to a brooding atmospheric finale. 

On “The Void” the guttural growls and the unrestrained riffage follow a faster pace but guitars have the chance to showcase prowess adding diversity with polished melodic tones and multiple sophisticated solos.  

The lengthy final track “Rising Embers” dwells within a gloomy atmospheric realm enriched by soft piano harmonies so despite a fair dosage of aggressive rhythmic dynamics and death metal inspiration guitars will ultimately focus on an extensive series of elegant melodic progressions. 

Listening to “Dystopian Syndrome” we enter a nightmarish world as Molten confidently begin to manifest their aptly dystopian sonic vision blending melodic gloom and inflamed grooves. 

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