Therion – Leviathan

Swedish titans Therion proudly reach another crucial milestone releasing the 17th studio album “Leviathan” that will delight their faithful fans with intricate dynamics, classic metal grooves and operatic grandeur. 

“The Leaf On The Oak Of Far” is packed with catchy guitar driven grooves reminiscing of the glorious days of heavy metal while the symphonic tapestries and the solemn operatic choirs can effortlessly convey a fascinating dramatic depth.  

“Die Wellen Der Zeit” feels like an elegant operetta as the passionate vocal harmonies, the classical nuances of the rich multilayered atmospheric arrangements and the graceful melodic textures emphasize the exquisite symphonic splendor. 

“Eye Of Algol” certainly combines the main elements of a Therion hit song as the darkened rhythmic patterns are constantly fueled by energetic riffage and Near Eastern flavors enriched by the charismatic choirs.

On “Nocturnal Light” the magnificent elaborate atmospheric ensemble surrounds a series of  spellbinding melodic crescendos while the stellar blend of theatrical choirs and Thomas Vikstrom’s captivating vocal performance is destined to steal the spotlight.  

The mood of “Psalm Of Retribution” becomes significantly darker as the symphonic tapestries and the striking operatic choirs acquire arcane tonalities around the memorable heavy rhythmic patterns while a charming dreamy essence will come to life with refined orchestral arrangements. 

“Ten Courts Of Diyu” stands out for the detailed composition that naturally creates an enthralling mixture of melancholia infused progressions and sumptuous orchestrations enhanced by the diverse flawless vocal deliveries and the irresistible melodic flair of the excellent guitar solo. 

Undoubtedly “Leviathan” maintains the majestic symphonic essence that conquered so many acolytes worldwide therefore Therion deliberately choose to stay true to their unrivaled legacy yet bravely continue to explore different styles to create a remarkable work of music. 

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