The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

Featuring a collective of extraordinary musicians, The Dead Daisies continue their rock ‘n’ roll journey without any hesitation on the new fiery full length “Holy Ground” introducing new band member Glenn Hughes. 

On “Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)” the combination of Glenn’s charismatic true rocker vocal delivery and super catchy guitar progressions with hints of melancholia will instantly grab your attention and the resulting energetic ensemble is further enriched by the fancy soloing.   

“Like No Other (Bassline)” offers an energetic instrumental ensemble fueled by an overdose of gritty guitar riffs, flamboyant leads and a majestic bass solo unfolding around Glenn’s impressive vocal delivery. 

“My Fate” stands out for the extra groovy guitar progressions which can acquire heavier tonalities and raw energy in contrast with the smooth melodic phrases and the mellow vocals  evoking sheer nostalgia. 

“Saving Grace” continues to embody the authentic rock soul of the whole album as guitars constantly deliver inflamed riffage supported by the impeccable drumming while the outstanding  guitar solo might steal the spotlight. 

While “Unspoken” can offer intense groovy dynamics leading to a rather catchy chorus you will perceive some melancholic moments as the vibrant guitar phrases follow a slower soulful rhythm. 

The nostalgic ballad style of “Far Away” shifts the focus to a bittersweet mood so Glenn’s vocal performance effortlessly conveys poignant emotions and guitars will embrace dreamy nuances creating fascinating melodic crescendos that will evolve into high voltage grooves in the finale. 

Undoubtedly the glorious spirit of classic hard rock thrives triumphantly throughout “Holy Ground” as The Dead Daisies create a memorable and highly enjoyable collection of passionate songs that never fails to showcase their stellar musicianship.  

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