Tribulation – Where The Gloom Becomes Sound

In the midst of shadows and mysteries Tribulation emerge with the fifth full-length “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” which is certainly one of the most anticipated albums of the year and embodies a magical voyage through the depths of darkness. 

On “In Remembrance” the baroque atmospheric tapestries foreshadow the addictive darkness that will flourish through the fascinating guitar progressions leading to an exquisite solo and memorable rhythmic dynamics which can easily channel a raw heavy metal energy. 

The gothic flair of “Hour Of The Wolf” is bound to thrive within the magnetic melodic guitar work which also never fails to deliver a generous dosage of catchy riffs enhanced by the solemn drum blasts and the sinister growls. 

“Leviathans” often focuses on an opulent shimmering melodic essence yet naturally channels antediluvian motifs which ultimately lead to the epic feel of the guitar phrases and the arcane nuances of the atmospheric arrangements.  

Throughout “Dirge Of A Dying Soul” guitars acquire doom laden tonalities conveying a lugubrious mood with the heavy weight of the riffage amplified by the tormented growls and the obscure atmospheric waves while the harmonious progressions move sinuously within a bleak soundscape. 

“Inanna” puts the spotlight on the intricate guitar work which is destined to spellbind you with a lavish series of charismatic progressions drenched in perpetual darkness and immense melancholia that generate irresistible eloquent melodies.  

A sublime darkness permeates “The Wilderness” as the majestic rhythmic dynamics conjure a powerful nocturnal force and while the riffs hold significant heavy tones an eerie melodic spirit comes to life within the sophisticated guitar leads and the seductive atmospheric arrangements. 

Listening to “Where The Gloom Becomes Sound” you will inevitably feel compelled to enter a supernatural gothified sonic realm as without any hesitation Tribulation invoke the five elements to create a truly bewitching opus. 

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