Comatose – A Way Back

Featuring members of Chrome Waves, Amiensus and Fail To Decay, Minnesota-based atmospheric rock/grungegaze collective Comatose embarks on a new sonic endeavor with the debut release “A Way Back”.

There is a lovely nostalgia lingering through “Circles” as the inner shoegaze essence influences the somber guitar tonalities leading to soothing melodic passages in contrast with the heavier rhythmic patterns. 

The shoegaze inspiration feels even stronger on “Gone” as the guitar work is characterized by shimmering nuances and creates hazy rhythmic crescendos that shift from darkened grooves to quasi luminous melodic passages. 

On “Inside” you can perceive moody alt-rock elements as the accessible guitar phrases and the melodic accents flow through a murky rhythmic ensemble that occasionally channels harsh vibes also with the addition of bold screams. 

“Further” evokes bittersweet feelings as the harmonious guitars acquire deeply melancholic tonalities following a slower dreamy tempo until the rhythmic section fully embraces a raw energy and darker nuances. 

The final track “Sinking” definitely embodies the atmospheric essence that lingers throughout the entire album emphasizing the misty tones and the gloomy spirit with intricate arrangements and spacey melodic crescendos.  

Throughout “A Way Back” Comatose blends diverse musical styles and emotional motifs to develop a personal sonic identity that can certainly raise interest within the underground scene.

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